New Digs Pet Re-homing!!


We are a fee based marketing service. Our fees are reasonable and based on your individual needs.

At New Digs we know life sometimes takes unexpected turns and when it does our pets can't always take the turns with us. We understand how hard it is to find a safe and loving home for pets that are still loved but can no longer live with us! Whether you are moving, have a hospice or medical situation, or simply can no longer care for your pets we will use our marketing skills and our many resources and contacts with rescues and other reliable individuals to make sure your pet has the best chance of moving on to another safe and happy home!                                                               

 I have many success stories of pets that have been re-homed through my ads, postings and connections. I have worked with Austin Pets Alive! since 2010 as the Pass Manager/Director and in 2012 started the Pass program for San Antonio Pets Alive from the ground up. Before taking on these endeavors I was the lead marketing person for the Austin Pets Alive Rescue Team. I have used my marketing skills and contacts to save many dogs and cats from losing their lives at the shelter and many others from going into the shelter by re-homing them or finding No Kill Rescues to accept them into their program. I have a large list of contacts and resources and am skilled at finding just the words to draw people to your story and help find your pet the perfect home! 


  • "Dear Patty, Thank you so much for finding such a perfect home for my daughter?s little dog! It was a very emotional experience having to re-home her. We were so impressed wi..."
    Sue Ellen Hearn
    Lucy Finds a Home!
  • " I had 2 listings that I needed Patty's help with writing online profiles, as these particular dogs are VERY difficult dogs to place. I am absolutely no good at coming up with ..."
    Jan Suche
    Paul Jolly Adoption Center